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Heatless 6-Piece Satin Hair Rollers

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The W7 Heatless 6-Piece Satin Hair Rollers are perfect for achieving defined and bouncy curls without the heat damage. Simply section off damp hair and wrap round the super soft rollers and leave to dry for luscious locks.
How to Use
  1. For best results, make sure hair is slightly damp before use.
  2. Wrap a section of hair around the roller, making sure the tips and any strays / loose ends are tucked away.
  3. Roll upwards until the roller is completely rolled up against the scalp.
  4. Loop the roller and fasten using the button to secure the hair in place.
  5. Repeat the above steps, using a new section of hair each time. Before securing each new loop, link the roller through the previous loop to keep it in place.
  6. Leave in overnight or until hair is fully dry.
  7. Remove rollers gently, shake hair and style.