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W7 Launch Vegan Range | VERY VEGAN

June 08, 2017


Very Vegan

W7 have introduced ‘Very Vegan’; an on-trend, vegan-friendly cosmetics range for those who follow a vegan lifestyle and want to carry that through into their makeup bags.
In 2016, we received a number of e-mails with requests in regards to whether or not certain products in particular were vegan friendly.
Without having the certified products we were unable to provide information in confidence. The result of this led us to come up with the idea of Very Vegan.
We developed a range of our most popular products, manufactured accordingly alongside the rules and regulations of The Vegan Society. This has allowed us to successfully have them Vegan approved.
In order to be certified as Vegan, the products must be produced and manufactured using non animal derived ingredients and must not have been tested on animals.
Please note, regardless of the Vegan collection, none of W7’s products are tested on animals.

Check out the range here!

3 Responses

Laura Geraghry
Laura Geraghry

March 20, 2019

Very pleased you do not test on animals and a vegan selection as well is brilliant. Anyone who does not test on animals has my vote. I have yet to try your products but have just bought a mascara as the brush is similar to one I use. I wish you every success.

Eva tselepis
Eva tselepis

August 17, 2017

My top tips for Monday are
Doesn’t matter just do it
Pick your favourite songs and listen to then
Think of all the positive things and what to look forward to

I would love to win this competition and I also love your products
Hope you like my tips xxx

Jacki Parker
Jacki Parker

August 02, 2017

Would love to try these. Thank you for doing thiis very helpful to those adopting a vegan lifestyle

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