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Get Delicious! W7's Bold and Berry Palette!

June 22, 2017


W7 are delighted to announce the launch of their newest eye shadow palette to date.
Delicious is an on-trend, vibrant eye colour palette featuring a range of 14 shades.

Although rectangular in shape, similarly to the iconic tins such as Colour Me Nude and Colour Me Buff, this palette stands alone, loud and proud amongst W7’s portfolio of eye shadow tins and palettes.

Delicious was created not only due to the trends of berry eyes and transition tones that have become popular within the cosmetics and beauty industry, but the feedback W7 had received from customers in regards to shades and pigment.

A combination of nudes to browns, pinks to plums and creams to oranges, the shades within the product are blendable with a high level of pigmentation. This provides the ability for everyone to create soft, natural looks all the way through to striking, bold eyes.

The finishes and textures vary within the palette, with shades ranging from shimmery, glitter shades to creamy mattes. The reasons behind the variations in texture were so people could create versatile looks, allowing the freedom of interpretation however they wish.



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November 27, 2017

With the combination of nudes and creams and oranges, the Delicious palette is perfect for work. One of the best best practices for hiring is keeping minimal makeup. The matte and shimmer diversity is a must.


November 11, 2017

this is so amazing its exactly like the anastatia modern ressinance pallete x


September 12, 2017


Caroline hough
Caroline hough

August 16, 2017

Hi where can I get the delicious palette in Ireland ??


July 20, 2017

Me encanta! Cuando llegará a España?

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