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It's Getting Rocky Over Here...

January 08, 2018

On The Rocks is FINALLY back and here to stay!
After delays due to snow, heavy winds and delivery issues it's back and we are loving it!

On The Rocks is a combination of earthy, natural tones with a punch of creamy golds and deep yellows throughout. The shades within the product are blendable with a high level of pigmentation.

The finishes and textures vary within the palette, with shades ranging from metallic glitters to creamy mattes shades so you can shake it up or tone it down as much as you'd like.

The shades:

Sugar Rim is a duo-chrome opalescent pink 

Moscato is a matte nude 

Martini Olive is a deep peridot

Espresso Martini is a metallic coffee

Maraschino Cherry is a soft burgundy

Cheers is a neutral grey

Caracao is a deep teal

Body Shot is a pretty peach

Champagne Toast is a statement gold metallic

Bloody Mary is a deep tan

Bellini is a fiery yellow orange

Magnum is a pine green

Pina Colada is a nutty mustard

Last Call is a deep purple