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Who Will You Be Today?

June 07, 2023

We are kicking of June celebrating our tagline of Who Will You Be Today?
W7 is about enjoying the freedom of makeup without limits! Express yourself fully and freely with our wide collection of colour cosmetics and accessories!

Who Will You Be Today? 

Name: Nat (@nataliejadeonline)
Age: 22
From: Yorkshire
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Content creator, Natalie is a talented makeup artist who's passionate about creating unique and inspiring looks.

She values quality time with family and enjoys going on holidays with them. Despite having a busy schedule, Natalie always manages to create compelling content online, showcasing her creativity in makeup artistry.
Name: Demi (@demidonnellyx)
Age: 26
From: Newcastle

Demi is a talented content creator with a personality. Demi expresses herself in many different ways from embracing her inner social butterfly, dancing in the club to chilling out with her favourite book after a long walk!
As a self-proclaimed bargain hunter, Demi loves the latest trends and is passionate about all things fashion and beauty!
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Name: Clare (@clare_louiisee)
From: West Yorkshire
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