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Wake Your Face with Prime Magic by W7

August 12, 2016

So it's Monday morning and if you're anything like me, your skin feels tired and doesn't want to be covered in foundation and concealer at 6:30am!

I'm the kind of person who hates catching early flights and early starts - not because of the lack of sleep and the dark sky but because I hate the thought of feeling makeup brushes against my skin so early!


If you are anything like me then listen up!
I have finally found the product which makes this process far more bearable.


The Prime Magic range from W7 isn't the newest of the bunch but it's most definitely still got a spring in its step.

I have always been rather boring when it comes to primers and other liquid makeup (sticking to what I know and staying in my comfort zone) but when you have such a range like we do at W7 it's hard to say no.

As someone with skin that doesn't tend to suffer from dullness and blemishes, I opt for the Prime Magic Face Primer in Clear. Out of the three, it's the most appropriate for my skin. The Prime Magic range also features an Anti-Dullness formula and an Anti-Redness formula. Fun for everyone!


So once it's time for the make-up application, I apply Prime Magic all over my face, especially to areas in which I feel my makeup suffers the most later on in the day (T-Zone, under my eyes and around my nose). 

The product instantly makes my skin feel like it's had an instant caffeine hit and gives a cooling sensation which makes me feel way more prepared to face the foundation.

For me, applying my foundation is now so much more enjoyable with a base that doesn't feel like it's clinging and suffocating my skin. The texture feels more hydrating on my face which is a nice change to other primers I have used previously which had the complete opposite effect!


Hope you enjoyed this post! 

Let us know what you want to see in the future!

Natalie x