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New Year New Skin

January 04, 2024

We know how easy it is to slip into old habits, especially when the weather gets us down... We've come up with a simple 5-step routine to ease you back into the year!

Step 1: Cleanse! Remove all makeup and daily debris using a skin-friendly cleanser. Care to go that extra mile? Opt for a double cleanse! Simply rinse and repeat!

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Step 2: Exfoliate! Get rid of any dead skin cells and activate the skin to renew and hydrate. 

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Step 3: Serum. Target any specific concerns such as dullness or dryness. A few drops into the palm tapped or pressed onto the skin will do the trick!

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Step 4: Sheet face mask. Find a mask that suits your needs for that extra bit of hydration and care!

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Step 5: Moisturiser. Lock in all of that hard work and goodness with a hydrating moisturiser to seal the deal!

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Check out W7's full skincare range to help keep you glowing throughout 2024!