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My 6 Summer Make-Up Steps

August 02, 2016

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Is anyone else feeling the side effects of humidity and heat? I hope it isn't just me!


So I'm currently in the middle of Greece absolutely melting as I know a lot of you have been back in the UK. 

It's sometimes a struggle to have a flawless finish in the heat so I've come up with a collection of W7 products that have been keeping my face looking fresh and not so Heath Ledger as The Joker. 




A good base!


Now, if you've been reading my previous posts you'll know I'm loving W7's Prime Magic - depending on your skin type our primer types might differ but I'm opting for the Clear! On holiday I don't tend to wear foundation as I find it too heavy with the heat so primer is just enough for me to keep things even.






Depending on the amount of sleep and sunburn, my skin varies on its need for concealing. As someone with a freckly face, I often use a mixture of W7's Go Concealer and Skin Fresh to go under my eyes and to cover other blemishes. Perfect. 




This step is one that is more of an optional choice. Depending on how my tan is coming along / how pink my cheeks are I may not always go for this option. 


Hollywood Bronze and Glow is a product I live by - having a bronzer and a highlighter in one is something that not only gives me two for the price of one but saves me space in my makeup bag. 


I'll dust the bronzer over my face or specifically in the hollows of my cheeks and my jaw line until I achieve my desired look. 


The highlighter is what finishes my general face look. I'll apply it above the cheek bones and along the brow bone once I have tamed my brows!





As I have said, with the heat involved, I hate a heavy feel on my face, so just a couple of applications of Oh So Waterproof Mascara is all I need! A waterproof mascara is something every girl needs. Pool-proof, sweat-proof and general panda eye-proof!





To finish off I just fill in my brows with the Brow Master - easy quick and brows are looking ideal for the day ahead. 





The fixer. I have struggled with fixing sprays in the past as I feel like clog up my skin. I'll do a post on this later in the week! W7's Fixing spray feels light, refreshing and secures my make-up in this heavy heat.


I'm not saying this a right way to go, everyone is different but this is how I deal with the heat on holiday without feeling trapped under layers of product. 


What do you do on holiday?


Natalie xx