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Go Cat Crazy with The Cat Eye set

October 27, 2016

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It's nearly here, whether you're going to be tricking or treating this year, make sure you have the best feline flick out there with our Cat Eye bundle!

This post will be about why I chose these products for one of the most popular looks out there. An easy option for the last minute outfit chooser and a predictable option amongst my group of friends *eye roll emoji*

This set is full of extra bits to complete your look once you have applied your basic face of makeup i.e. primer, foundation and concealer... Which is a great ghost makeup look by the way.

Let's get started........

Naughty Nine Eyeshadow Palette - Bangkok Nights

I chose this palette because of the beautiful plum and purple shades it contains. I feel the cat look can sometimes look a bit boring, especially if 25% of you are doing it. The colours in Bangkok Nights allow you to add a subtle pop of colour to your feline fantasies.

I particularly like the colours I have circled in this product image, essentially because of the range of finishes it means the look will contain.  

 Naughty Nine W7 Bangkok Nights

I would suggest using the bone shade, top left, as a highlighter tone, specifically around the brow bone area and in the inner corners of the eyes. It can also be used as a base for the rest of the look.

The two middle tones are my favourite. The middle colour has a slight shimmer finish whereas the darker purple to the right is a matte finish. It's up to you whether or not you use both however I like creating a light ombre effect from light to dark.

The bottom row contains a range of browns from a light, pinky brown to a dark matte chocolate. Generally for this look I would suggest using the first two that i have circled as I don't like a harsh eye. These colours I would use in the crease of the eye and the outer corners, blending in with the purple above. 


Aye Aye Captain liquid eyeliner

I love liquid eyeliner, especially in brush form. I find it much easier to apply than a felt pen so when I first used Aye Aye Captain I fell in love.

Apply this after your eye shadow is complete, along the upper lash line. When you reach the outer corner of your eye, take the line up at a sharp angle, this will be the bottom of your cat eye flick. Create a triangle by bringing the top line back down to the lash line. 

Fill in your triangle and then smooth out the area where the bottom of the triangle meets your lash line, make sure it then looks like a smooth line across the bottom of your lid.


Flirty Eyes Mascara

Flirty Eyes is a fantastic product. Your lashes end up looking so dramatic and the packaging is so great too!

Once you have finished the eyes, apply the mascara, just how you like to, everyone is different but make use of this thick brush for huge lashes!


The Bronzer

Definition time. Get your jaw line defined and chiselled. Using a brush, sweep the product under the cheek bones and under the jaw line. Also for more of a sun-kissed look, apply some to the temples of the head.



Kiss Lipsticks - Negligee

Finishing touch for that pink, cat pout! Apply this lipstick generously until the colour is to your satisfaction. Purrrfect lips. 


W7 Tip: Use Aye Aye Captain not only for the eyes but for a cat nose and also whiskers to tie it all together.


If you fancy getting your hands on this set CLICK HERE 


Happy Halloween!


Natalie x