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Cream Vs. Powder Contour

February 19, 2024

Don't know where to start when it comes to contour palettes? W7 have a range of both cream and contour products to choose from when it comes to contour! 

The main difference between a cream contour palette and a powder contour palette is in their formulation and application technique.

The choice between a cream contour palette and a powder contour palette depends on personal preference, skin type, and desired finish. Cream contours offer more precision and a dewy finish, suitable for dry or mature skin, while powder contours provide a matte finish and are ideal for oily or combination skin types.

Cream Contour Palette:

  • Formulation: Cream contour products often contain ingredients to make them more blendable and suitable for creating a more seamless, natural-looking contour.
  • Application: Cream contour products can be applied using brushes, sponges, or fingers. They are usually applied before foundation or on top of liquid foundation, before setting powder. Cream contouring allows for more precise placement and blending, making it ideal for creating defined contours and sculpted looks. 
  • Finish: Cream contours tend to leave a dewy or satin finish to the skin.

Powder Contour Palette:


    Formulation: Powder contour products are dry and come in pressed or loose form. They contain ingredients that tend to be less oily than cream products.
  • Application: Powder contour products are generally applied using brushes, after foundation. Powder contouring is great for those with oily or combination skin as it helps absorb excess oil and provides a more matte finish. It's also quicker to apply compared to cream contouring.
  • Finish: Powder contours provide a matte finish to the skin.


1. W7's Lift & Sculpt Cream Contour Kit:

  • Features 6 creamy shades.
  • Designed for cream contouring, making the contouring process easier.
  • Our creamy formulation provides a more dewy or satin finish.
  • Ideal for precise contouring and sculpting with cream products.
  • Provides buildable coverage and blendability.


2. W7's Shape & Glow Palette (Highlight & Contour Palette):

  • Features 8 pressed powder shades.
  • Contains both matte and shimmer finishes for bronzing, highlighting, and contouring.
  • This powder formulation provides a a satin-matte and shimmer finish.
  • Suitable for bronzing, highlighting, and contouring with powder products.
  • Offers buildable and blendable tones for sculpting, defining, and highlighting the face.


W7's Lift & Sculpt is a cream contour kit with 6 creamy shades for precise contouring and sculpting, while W7's Shape & Glow Palette is a powder contour palette with 8 pressed powder shades, providing both matte and shimmer finishes for bronzing, highlighting, and contouring. Both palettes offer buildable and blendable shades for achieving desired contour and highlight effects.