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Back To School Basics We are LOVING!

September 14, 2017

Now we all know going back to school in September isn't the best feeling in the world.

We've all been there...

We also know that makeup and school aren't always a combination that work too well. Whether that's because of school rules or just because those early starts aren't always worth the hassle.

We're here to bring you our favourite back to school makeup basics that are easy, portable and super subtle!

Want to show off long, luscious lashes at school without the clumps and the risk of rule-breaking? Our Crystal Clear Mascara £5.95 is a clear mascara that applies a long lasting formula that lengthens and enhances your lashes whilst conditioning them too!

These autumnal months aren't friendly to delicate skin especially the lips; that's why lip treatment is high up on the priority list. Our range of Lip Bombs and Lip balms will keep your lips supple and chap free and they ALL retail at £4.95!

It's not only the lips that struggle during this cold weather, prep and prime your face with Prime and Glow £6.95 for a brightening start to the day. This smooth formula will allow the skin to face the day all the way until home time.

Primed? Perfect. Our Got It Covered £8.95 Concealer palette lets you hide and cover those pesky Monday morning dark circles ad other blemishes so you look as fresh as the weather outside!

It's not a necessity but it's always great to have and appreciate great brows! The Brow Parlour £6.95 allows your to comb, pluck, shape and define your brows, simply and subtly so your whole look is in control!

What's your back to school routine like?