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W7 Brow Bar Advice and Tutorial

June 29, 2016

Brows have become something so important in every girl and guys daily routine, some may even call them a way of life.

And as we come to the beginning of a new season, the prime time for trends to come and go, it seems brows are here to stay!

Here at W7 we have a huge range of brow products from Queen of Brows to the Brow Parlour but there is one brow product in particular that has recently been giving them a run for their money! 

The Brow Bar is a set containing 4 build-able eyebrow colours, a variety of 3 eyebrow stencils and the tools you need to shape and tame that brow.
Eye Brow Bar


These following tips will allow you to use the product to its fullest potential!

1. Using the comb/brush provided, tame and groom eyebrow hairs.

2. Choose the eyebrow stencil of your choice over the eyebrow in the desired position - remember eyebrows are personal, if you want a high arch, you go for that high arch!

3. Using the angled brush provided, fill in any gaps or areas that need colouring and shading using the colours in the palette.

Tip: Mixing of the colours will help you achieve the perfect shade for your brow.

4. Remove the stencil from the eyebrow and admire your bold brow.

Tip: Once you are happy with the shape and definition, Shade '1' can be used as a highlighter which should be applied along the brown bone and under the arch for that extra definition.

This kit has become one of my favourites in my make-up bag. What's even better is that it comes with a travel-size application brush for when on the move!

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- Natalie xx