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Just Mattes Eyeshadow Palette

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W7's Just Mattes Eyeshadow Palette contains 30 pigmented shades of soft and silky neutrals in a just matte finish.

With shades ranging from simple beige nudes to rich and dusky tones, Just Mattes allows you to create diverse looks varying from sophisticated, daytime glam to looks for an eye-catching, evening flair.

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The Shades:

Basic a neutral base tone, Act a cool, sandy grey, Everyday a bright cream, Pure a cool sand, Cute a cool, grey-lilac, Harmless a deeper, grey-violet, Fresh a toasty biscuit, Decent a peachy pink, Youth a sandy nude, Gentle a cool, deep beige, Delight a warm, grey-lilac, Silver Spoon a classic grey, Strength a warm-toned caramel, Raw a dusty pink, Plenty a honey orange, Style a warm, dusty brown, Weekend a blue-grey, Limits a granite grey, Flair a warm auburn, Sensitive a cool, soft brown, Essential a burnt pumpkin, Crisp a mocha brown, Exposed a deep plum, Gradual an ashy charcoal, Dashing a chocolate brown, Behave a red-brown, Luxury a warm rust, Virtue a deep grey, Brisk a statement black