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Heatless Hair Curler

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Get fresh & bouncy curls without the heat damage using W7's Heatless Hair Curler. 

Simply wrap damp hair around the super soft curler and leave to dry for luscious locks. This hair curler may be gentle on hair but it's sure strong on style!

How to Use
  1. For best results, make sure hair is slightly damp before use. 
  2. Split hair down the middle into two equal sections. 
  3. Place the hair curler on top of your head and secure using pins or a hair clip. 
  4. Starting from the top, wrap a section of hair around the ribbon, working away from the face, gradually incorporating new pieces of hair the further down you go. 
  5. Repeat all the way down to the bottom, keeping each wrap as tight as possible for a defined curl. 
  6. Use a scrunchie to secure the hair in place.Now repeat steps 4-6 on the opposite side. 
  7. Leave in overnight or until hair is fully dry. 
  8. Remove the hair curler gently, shake hair and style.