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Professional Salon UV/LED Nail Lamp

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Say hello to salon nails at home with the W7 Professional Nail Lamp.

This product is easy and efficient for curing gel nail polish at home, whilst travelling or anywhere else you may need.

With a built in lithium battery, the LED lamp can be used wirelessly, with no need to connect the USB cable provided.

  • Comes with 1 x USB cable which can connect to laptops, power bank etc.

Product Features


Power: 6W

DC Input5V 1.2A

Size: 115 x 58 x 22mm

Wavelength: 365 + 405nm

How To Use

Standby Mode

To activate Standby Mode, hold the power button until the LED flashes 3 times. The lamp will automatically turn off after 10 minutes of inactivity.

Operation Mode

With the lamp on standby mode, briefly press the button to turn on the lamp for 45 seconds.

To turn off the lamp, hold the button and allow the LED to flash 2 times.


To charge the LED lamp, connect it to the provided USB cable. The LED lights will flash whilst it is charging and will stop flashing once it's fully charged.

The total charging time should take around 2 hours.


Please read the instructions carefully before use.

Keep away from water.

DO NOT over charge.