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12 Days of Beautiful Advent Calendar!

November 13, 2023

W7's 12 Day Advent Calendar is back!

Introducing W7’s 2023 12-Day Advent Calendar with a collection of full size and mini products to treat yourself into the New Year!

Each individual box within the 12 Days of Beautiful Advent Calendar is made from cardboard boxes supporting W7’s sustainable mission to reduce the use and wastage of single-use plastics.

Why 12 Days?

This gift set is a must-have for all beauty lovers out there who want to add some style and sparkle to their New Year's Eve countdown with accessories and products for the eyes, lips, face and hair! This perfect stocking filler gift contains a wide variety of best-selling, vibrant products packaged in individual gift boxes.

What's inside?

 We don't want to spoil the surprise but 12 Days contains an assortment of best-selling products in both full and travel sizes! You may find a range of products such as, accessories, lip liner, gloss & lipstick, eyeliner, highlighter, blusher, face powder, mascara and bronzer!

How much is 12 Days?

Beauty Blast costs £14.95. 

When does 12 Days go on sale?

 12 Days is ready to buy!


Is 12 Days cruelty free?

Absolutely! Just like all W7 products, none of the contents in 12 Days are tested on animals! Even better, to support W7's mission to reduce the waste of single-use plastics, 12 Days is made from individual cardboard boxes.

Limited stock available!