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Tokyo Pressed Pigment Palette

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Delve into the shades of Tokyo city with W7's Tokyo Pressed Pigment Palette.

A palette featuring 18 shades of the Summer skyline and scenery of Japan's busy capital.

Immerse yourself in the cherry blossom gardens with the shades of Cherry, Capsule, Jaded and Sumo and experience the neon nightlife with Kimono, Okinawa and Harajuku!

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Weight: 154g
Product Dimensions (mm): H:112 W:182 D:16 Launching alongside the 2020 Olympics, W7's Tokyo Collection is a range of cosmetics created with the inspiration of the City of Tokyo's individuality and eccentricity in mind. The range incorporates the vibrancy and culture of the City combined with colours of the national gardens and delicate floral touches.