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Full Metal Lacquer 3 in 1 - Bulletproof

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Go Full Metal!

Full Metal Lacquer is a 3 in 1 metallic, makeup pen.

This innovative and unique product provides you with the ability to add some pop to your eyes, lips AND nails!

Don't just let your eyes do the talking, with a matching look from your head to your fingertips you'll be dedicated to the 3 in 1 club in no time!

Made in Italy, this formula is smooth and creamy whilst giving off a great pigmentation of full metal colour! 

Simply twist the bottom of the product to release the metallic cream which you can then apply to the lips, nails and face. This means you can control application and can count on there being zero waste!

Use this product when on the go, during your daily commute or as a quick touch up for last minute plans! The perfect makeup bag essential!

Although this product can be used on your nails, the ingredients are non hazardous and will not cause harm to the eyes and lips.

Bulletproof is a bronze shade